I am the product of a transoceanic project that has taught me to observe and to read from a myriad perspectives.

Pepa Novell

Barcelonian in spirit, Canadian by adoption and a resident in the US, my transcultural profile began to take shape at the Universitat de Barcelona where I received a degree in Hispanic Philology and read, for the first time with a critical eye, some of the books that have marked my life and my professional trajectory. My knowledge of linguistic and cultural differences was enriched when I taught Spanish Language and Literature at Brown University, where I completed my doctorate degree in Hispanic Studies. I discovered less academically oriented ways of approaching texts during my Masters’ studies in editing at IDEC/ Universitat Pompeu Fabra. New intellectual and cultural challenges awaited me at Queen’s University, where I became Associate Professor of Contemporary Hispanic Literatures and Cultures.

Committed to constant transit, bound by the Mediterranean, the Atlantic and the Pacific, and thirsty for other waters to nourish thought and reflection, after almost twenty years of ties to the academic world, I take on this new challenge: MAGMA publishers. Writing in Transit.

A (non)space in which to read. My education and professional experience in Cultural Studies have allowed me to formulate my publishing criteria, which follow a thematic-theoretical axis based on eleven structural pillars:

class, desire, diversity, ethics, ethnicity, gender, ideology, imperialism, nationalism, popular culture, race.

Thus, with MAGMA I propose authors who share an affinity for these criteria, whether their viewpoints converge or diverge, and in whose works the reader can proceed through these (un)expected paths.

From a diversity of voices and formats, I publish fiction and nonfiction in which these themes, presented from different perspectives, interconnect.

MAGMA introduces works that explore these thematic lines as they occur in novels, essays, short stories and compilations.

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Novels in Spanish by Spanish-speaking authors. The novels of international authors translated into Spanish.

    SEB Doubinsky
    See synopsis

    Miquel Bota
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  • 2001 PUNTO CERO
    Carlos A. Colla
    See synopsis
    Germán Padinger
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author itineraries

The collection compiles minor literature works of major authors and includes critical emendations.

short story

Short stories in Spanish by Spanish-speaking authors. The short stories of international authors translated into Spanish.

    Fermina Ponce
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Works of research that analyze and generate debate in the Humanities.


Miquel Bota

(Lleida, 1968)

Miquel holds a doctorate in Iberian and Latin American Cultures from Stanford University. He has worked in International Relations and in Advertising. Some of his stories were part of the collection Extramares.
He is currently an Assistant Professor of Hispanic Studies in California State University, Sacramento.

Carlos A. Colla

(Buenos Aires, 1971)

Carlos is an industrial engineer with a long professional trajectory in Finance Services and in the practice of Business Process Transformation.
In 2016 he won the José Eustasio Rivera XV International Novel Biennial, and in 2001 was awarded the Juan Rulfo International Short Story Prize.

SEB Doubinsky

(París, 1963)

SEB is a bilingual French-English writer and is a University Professor in Aarhus, Denmark.
His poetic and narrative works have been published in France and in the United States.
His novels present dystopias that revolve around a parallel universe of city-states and question the social and moral order.

Germán Padinger

(Rosario, 1986)

Germán is a political scientist and journalist interested in Art Theory, the economy, and Middle Eastern societies.
He wrote for the paper edition of La Nación newspaper. Currently, he is an international news journalist for the digital newspaper Infobae.

Fermina Ponce

(Bogotá, 1972)

A Social Communications expert and journalist, Fermina specializes in Organizational Communications Management at the La Sabana University, Colombia. She writes in Spanish from the United States.
She was nominated for the prize “The 22 Most” by the Colombian Consulate in Chicago in 2017 for her cultural contributions.


Send manuscripts to: manus@magmaeditorial.com
Guide for Manuscript Submissions:


MAGMA is especially interested in works of fiction and non-fiction that take on topics related to our editorial criteria.


You must hold the appropriate Intellectual Property rights to the submitted works.


Submissions must contain page numbers, body specs: size 12 in Times New Roman font, double spaced, A5 page-format with the following margins 2(top)- 2 (bottom)- 3 (left) -2 (right).


The front page must provide: the title of the work, the author’s name and contact information (especially email address).


Following the front page, a synopsis of the work must be included, maximum length 1 page.


MAGMA will confirm receipt to the email address facilitated by the author. From that moment on, we need 3-5 months to reach a final decision that will be communicated to the same address.


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